Understanding by Doing...

Experimentation is about curiosity and discovery. Giving room to chance and asking yourself "what happens if..." or "is it possible to do this or that" Then simply trying it out, testing it and observing it opens up whole new possibilities in design and you gain a deeper understanding of materials and production techniques.

Porcelain foam

Foam is something fleeting, something fragile and ephemeral. Porcelain, on the other hand, is something solid, hard. How can you preserve this light texture of foam and can you give porcelain something fleeting through it?

The inspiring mistake:

The porcelain chamotte boiled up, bubbled, melted and solidified again in this state, due to an admixed pigment. What happened here by chance and which was a mistake in this context, inspired me to have a closer look at the foaming process.

Combining stoneware and porcelain

During drying and firing porcelain shrinks significantly more than stoneware clay. So what happens when you combine those two?

... stay tuned ...