Graphical products

Graphic products such as cards, books, brochures or scientific studies its also about that people like to use it. How can graphics and layout be used to provide information or to make them understandable and to stimulate the user to read on? With print products, the choice of paper and book binding can communicate the topic even more clearly.

Digital products are products without a physical nature. As a result, the design focuses particularly strongly on usability and on communicating the content. How is the application designed that it is intuitive to use and the information to be communicated is in the foreground?

Fractal pattern

Fractal patterns are structures that have a high self-similarity – the pattern consists of many smaller copies of itself. Although fractals are subjected to rigorous mathematics and geometry, they are visually fluent, almost floral and very natural. You can decide by yourself, how many steps or how many reduced-size copies of the fractal you want to use. So you can create a compressed or an open area and thus a very dynamic pattern.

- graphic without color
- 400g paper
- press cut

Mobility study 'we talk data‘

For the mobility study of MHP and Motor Presse Stuttgart, the task was to develop and design a layout that on the one hand reflects the topic of mobility and on the other hand clarifies the lage number of graphical datas (by reitzen) and informations for the reader and makes it easy to understand. Collaboration with Freiland Design.

- layout design
- perfect binding

User manual for employees

The user manual is intended for internal company use. Porsche employees, dealers and distributors can find out how to use their new IT system and find help on how to work with it. The structure of the brochure was particularly important here - specific topics needed to be found quickly and the layout needed to convey complex content clearly and understandably. The visual language and small icons lighten up the complex topic. Collaboration with Freiland Design.

- layout design
- saddle stitching

Whitepaper 'A.I.dea Book‘

The MHP white paper „A.I.dea Book“ is a collection of articles about artificial intelligence. In the book, observations and empirical values, as well as ideas and solution approaches around the topic are sketched out. Exactly this sketching out is supposed to visualize the layout. All graphics in the book are hand-drawn and a handwriting font was specially developed for the inscription. The spiral binding underlines the whole design. Collaboration with Freiland Design.

- layout design
- handwriting font design
- spiral binding

Design of a special handwriting font to visualise the concept of 'sketching ideas‘.

MB Micro Website and augmented reality app

Design of a micro website on the main topic ‚Mercedes connect me‘ to complement the 5 brochures. The microsite is intended for Mercedes Benz internal use only, for dealers and service staff. They can use the internal site to communicate with each other, get information about the connect me services, log into their service management portal and get information about sales and aftersales. Collaboration with P3 group, text by Alexia Angelopoulou.

Website for the studio Freiland Design

Creating a website for Freiland-Design, a studio for brand strategy and design. The goal was to structure the amount of information in a clear way, to find a good mix of a strict grid and out-of-the-box elements and to visualise the character of the studio and the founder Sania Freiland. The logo and menu are always visible and there are not too many subpages. The layout is clear, direct and has one highlight color for a strong accents.