Designer and Maker

Yvette Hoffmann Design is a product design studio based in Stuttgart, Germany.

The design services are interdisciplinary and range from furniture and tableware to accessories and brochure design. Different everyday objects, graphic and digital works or completely individual objects for specific spaces are created in cooperation with clients and collaboration partners.

In the studio workshop not only prototypes are developed and tested, but in the sense of ‚Understanding by Doing‘ also a lot of experiments with products, use, materials, techniques and design approaches. This results also in various design series, handmade ceramics and unique pieces that are available in the online shop.


Yvette Hoffmann studied product design at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart with diploma degree and founded her design studio in 2011. Since then she has been working in different design fields and collaborating with other creatives and experts.

„Es geht weniger um das Besitzen, als vielmehr um das Gern-benutzen-wollen oder das vermitteln von Informationen. Es geht aber auch um Neugierde und genaues Beobachtungen und den Dingen-auf-den-Grund-gehen, um dadurch neue Verbindungen herzustellen oder neue Gestaltungsansätze zu finden. Der Nutzer steht dabei immer im Vordergrund.“

"A product that is sensibly designed and long-lasting, that fits seamlessly into the user‘s everyday life and complements or improves it, that you intuitively like to use and enjoy it, you don‘t throw away so quickly or replace it with something new. That‘s also a form of sustainability.“

Yvette Hoffmann

"When you learn things by yourself through observation, practice and experimentation, the learning process is more longer, but it has its own unique quality. When the ways of doing things are not predefined, you work much more freely and effortlessly. You take detours or paths that lead to a completely different result than you thought. Thereby you discover new connections, get a deeper understanding of material, technique and use, or discover new methods of working in the process, and things that happened by chance or supposed to be mistakes inspire you to new design approaches.“

Yvette Hoffmann


If you are interested in a collaboration or a product, want to get more information about the studio or just want to share thoughts, so don´t hasitate to get in touch.