Cigar ashtray

Cigar ashtray „Cuba“ for Loony is cast in concrete. The monolith consists of simple geometric shapes. The heavy, rough concrete ashtray contrasts with the light, mostly hand-rolled cigar and acting as a counterpart. The longer the concrete is allowed to harden in a very smooth form, the smoother and shinier the surface becomes. The different aggregates (coarse and fine) and the inclusions of air bubbles, break through the smooth surface. Dimensions H 5.5 cm × W 15 cm × D8 cm. Loony emerged from the Diakonisches Werks Baden. The objects developed for Loony should be designed (in material, form and production technique) so that they can be produced by mentally ill people of the Diakonisches Werk.

- Concrete
- mold casting
- Loony GmbH
- Dimensions H 5.5 cm × W 15 cm × D8 cm