It‘s less about owning but more that you like to use it.

The user and the intuitive use itself are in the foreground of the design. The focus is not only on the pure mechanical and physical use, but rather on the experience through all senses, the formal design or the content-related transfer of information. Depending on the product, material and production technology, whether classic craftsmanship or new technology, are involved.

Kitchen tools

Wardrobe Butterfly

Wardrobe 'Butterfly‘

Cigar ashtray by YHD

Cigar ashtray for Loony

Shopsystem Cellwall by YHD

Shopsystem 'Cellwall' made out of wastepaper


Wastepaper basket made out of wastepaper

Fractal card by YHD

Card 'Fractals'

We talk data study

Study 'We Talk Data'

User Manual

A.I.dea Book whitepaper

Whitepaper 'A.I.dea Book‘


Information brochures


Website Freiland Design